Is modafinil safe

Is Modafinil Safe

Modafinil (Provigil) is taken once a day and is safe to take without needing food before or after consumption.Contrary to popular belief, modafinil is usually considered to be a safe Smart Drug for most people.I came across this report which strongly suggests modafinil is not completely safe and the benefits only outweigh the risks for narcolepsy treatment:.Modafinil And Its Safety Profile.Patients suffering from excessive sleepiness find this drug very helpful.It is a stimulating nootropic that has been widely studied and tested to determine its safety profile.Of course, modafinil is not meant to treat sleep apnea alone 45.Eugeroic is a substance that enhances the feeling of wakefulness, while nootropic is a substance that enhances cognitive functions.It is not advised to change the time Modafinil is taken daily without approval from a physician So I got a box of 200mg Modafinil to help with my ADD because GP wouldn’t prescribe Modaf.It can help to offset the fatigue you feel during the day and keep you alert so you can do your job and carry out other activities of daily living with more ease.Both in short term and long term is modafinil safe studies, no significant side effects were reported Modafinil can be a beneficial medication for people who are living with sleep apnea.Modafinil is is modafinil safe known as a smart drug or nootropic, and also classified as a eugeroic.

Modafinil safe is

is modafinil safe is modafinil safe